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I have known about daily fish recently from my friends. The entire experience of online purchase was very convenient and hassle-free. I have now become a regular customer of daily fish and I recommend to anyone who prefers convenience without compromising quality.

TCS Kochi

When it comes to food, I was very reluctant in ordering online. But with dailyfish, I was forced to change that mindset. Right from ordering till the consumption, I could sense the attention given to quality and detailing. I am sure this will go a long way to secure a vital position in our daily food habits. My best wishes to the entire team!

Mr Lijo Mathew

It was such a great experience I had purchasing from daily fish. The fish was great (neat and clean) and the delivery was on time. The procedure is so convenient, just click and you’ll get clean and cut fish at home. I am so happy to have, had this delicious fish from daily fish. Thank you team!!!

Mr Rojan Johny

Wooooow experience!!! I am truly satisfied with the product I received. Recently with all the news relating to chemicals been added to fish, daily fish provides us with safe seafood anytime. The delivery was on time, the fish was prefect and moreover at affordable rate. Hats off daliy fish.

Mrs. Neenu Jithu Cherian

Amazing product, excellent quality I am totally satisfied with daily fish.Received the product just few days back it was a joy to see such clean and great fish. Being really busy with work it becomes difficult to go for actual shopping. This app really simplified things up, it was really easy to use. Prompt delivery and superb packaging are the two things that amazed me.

Mr Eldho george
sales head, RBG Broadcasting

Seafood is a must in my family's diet. We regularly buy it when we come home from work. One weekend, a neighbor of ours shared a packaged Indian Mackerel with me. I was rather surprised at the packet and amazed to see that the fish was cleaned already. My family loved it and my neighbor told me about DailyFish and how convenient it was for her. I downloaded the app with her help and since then, I have been a regular customer of DailyFish. Thank you DailyFish!

Mrs Nisha

Living with friends in a flat, and working a hectic shift, it becomes almost impossible to get food shopping done and cook delicious food when I wanted. It was by pure accident that I saw an ad for DailyFish. I was bit hesistant about it until my colleague at work assured me it was completely safe. I ordered some Indian Mackerel, made some curry and we fried the rest. Since then, DailyFish has been a regular in my food shopping.

Mr Jerin George

Being a busy working woman, I have found it very difficult to plan out meals that everyone at home would love. One complaint which I have been on the receiving end always has been that I rarely cook non-vegetarian food thanks to my work schedule. I happened to check Dailyfish advertisement in the midst of snarling traffic... Read More

Mrs Soniya C

A couple of days before, after craving badly for some non-vegetarian delights, I decided to buy some Seer Fish from the local market on my way home from work. The fish was cleaned by the vendor but it took me a long time to reach home owing to the infamous Kochi traffic jam. After reaching home, my wife opened the package to discover that it had been spoiled. It was then I realised how perfect DailyFish really is. Never had I faced a delayed delivery nor ..... Read More

Mr Abin.S. Arakkal
Account Manager

Quality product, nice price point, amazing packaging and a great new channel. Tried daily fish last week and was excited to see the new concept of buying and storing fish..An avid fish lover, I was impressed with the quality of fish and the convenience of buying fish through an app.. Look forward to see them expand to other cities too..Cheers to Dailyfish.

Ms Raji Nair

Being a working woman and mother of three kids, it was actually a hurdle to get the lunch boxes packed with surprises…till my husband introduced Daily Fish to our family. Now Daily Fish assures the boxes to be empty back. And being free from any sort of preservatives and chemicals I dare enough to serve it to my ten month old baby. Thanks to Daily Fish…

Mrs Anila Roshan Joy
Asst. Professor

I came to know about Daily Fish from an activity held at Lulu Mall. I decided to try it out. I ordered Pearl Spot and it arrived on time just after I reached from office. I straight away thawed it as given in the pack and proceeded to cook my favourite Karimeen Pollichathu for the dinner party I threw for my friends. The cuisine became the star attraction of the party and needless to say I became star chef overnight among my friends.

Mr Shone George

I came to know about Daily Fish from a newspaper ad. The ad promised fish without preservatives and chemicals. It all sounded too good to be true. Though I saw the ad, I was skeptical of ordering it. That was when my husband and I went to my sister-in-law’s house. There we had a tasty fish curry. When I enquired where she bought her fish, she said she ordered it from Daily Fish. I was surprised and wanted to test it. So I ordered 500g of seer fish right there from the app. Read More

Mrs Josna Aneesh
Staff Nurse

This is my review on Daily Fish after 2 months of experience
1. Timely delivery .
2. Delivery boy was very polite .
3. Packaging was nice and convenient .
4. Cut and cleaned pieces makes it easier to use and saves time.
5. User friendly website and app.
6. Multiple payment options.
Overall extremely happy with the service and quality of Daily Fish! Keep rocking.

Mr Manu Chacko

I came to know about Daily Fish when I saw the ad in theatre and thought of giving it a try. I ordered Shrimps and Seer Fish and waited patiently. To my surprise I received the order right on the time, awesome packaging, and the delivery boy was polite enough to explain the thawing instructions and process payment. Finally, tried Chilli prawns and Fish biriyani recipes from the website, instructions were easy to follow and it tasted yumm!! ....... Read More

Mrs Aswathy K S

This purchase was actually a trial run for my Company mess. And it came out surprisingly delicious. All my fears disappeared when we tasted the fish fried . I felt confident to buy in bulk from daily fish ...that too twice a week. .. Everyone at Bridge is pretty satisfied with the fish curry and fry....And we Thank you Daily fish Team.

Ms Deepthi Shenilkumar
Finance/ Admin Manager
Bridge Global

No words to describe the quality and taste of shrimps that we ordered from daily fish yesterday. Loved the surprise element of not knowing what will be coming out to us the day of delivery until the day before. I really appreciate the exceptional quality and responsibility sourced. I was bit nervous, as it was frozen. But daily fish has completely wiped away the misgivings, frozen products used to come across.......... Read More

Ms Ann Maria Mathew
CRM Triumph Kochi

When my friends told me that there was a website from which I could get fresh fish at my convenience, I had a hard time believing it. But once I logged onto DailyFish, it was like a kid in a candy store. There was so much options to choose from and the prices were also quite reasonable. After placing the order and selecting the stipulated time and date, I waited. To be honest,......... Read More

Mr Jayesh Prasannakumar
Ui/Ux designer
Tata Consultancy Services

I first came across Daily Fish from a flyer in PVR Cinemas in Lulu Mall. I was skeptical of it at first cause, I thought how could fish that's been ordered online and delivered to our homes be fresh. It had to have been a gimmick. But then I read the FAQ on the website and I quickly realized that the ''fresh seafood' is a myth" made a lot of sense. I decided to give it a try and ordered the Red Snapper, Black Pomfret and the Seer fish......... Read More

Mrs. Savithri Pavakkulath

Last Thursday evening, my husband came home and announced that we would have couple of his newly married friends coming home for lunch. Now it was a question of my cooking credibility and it was already 9 pm. I called up my friend and she suggested that I make some delicious Kerala cuisine for them. I knew what to do. I logged into Daily Fish online store and it was like stepping into a candy store, my husband looked at me with a doubtful expression........ Read More

Mrs. Savithri Suresh
Kreata Global

I came to know about daily fish through radio. I Have ordered fish in the morning and was been delivered within the time told to me. I was getting message on the status of the order like order no. ready for delivery and time of delivery which was really awesome. This has given me time to inform my house about the delivery. The fish was been packed in a neat pack and was fresh. It tasted really good...... Read More

Mr. Rojan Mathew
Proprietor Ian Trading Company

I tried Daily Fish many times and I really find the product clean, fresh and tasty. Moreover, I have a feeling of safety because I have the trust that no dangerous chemicals are added like the local vendors do to keep their catch fresh. I really recommend this to all housewives. Cooking using daily fish is not messy at all because they are well cleaned. Wishing the people behind " Daily Fish " all the best.

Mrs Sheela Kochouseph
Chairman & MD. V STAR

I am a business woman and a home maker. With my kind of multi-tasking jobs, it is impossible to visit and spend time in the local fish market. I found everything about Daily Fish so convenient - its fresh & hygienic and there is no pain of cutting and cleaning. And any time delivery and many payment options too! I browse your mobile app not only for variety products, but also for a recipe for the chosen product. Great going guys, kudos!

Mrs Annie George
Big Weddings

"Daily Fish" A Boon For The Kochi Fish-Lover!

Fresh fish at your doorstep!! A well thought out & user friendly app that surprisingly easily, brought the freshest fish I have enjoyed in Kochi in a very long time. Great packaging, hygienic & clean catch with prompt on time delivery. The best thing was the amazingly cheap prices on offer...... Read More

Lt. Col.. D Purushothaman Pillay
Blogger & Photographer

Buying fish and seafood is a daunting task in land locked places like Delhi. Either, you compromise on quality or be prepared to accept what you get. This is how my fishy choice was until recently.
When i contacted Babymarine, who owns Daily Fish brand currently available in Kerala, they figured out a way and kept me updated about their international quality products and state of the art technology used until my..... Read More

Mr Shahid Akhter
Deputy Editor, Economic Times Online Healthcare
New Delhi

You guys are really awesome!

Last week we had guests at home and I was alone managing the kitchen. Fish definitely is an inevitable item in our Kerala menu, but then it is definitely bothering when you have limited time and not very conversant in cleaning and cutting fish. But that did not stop me from serving Kerala special fish to my guests. I called Daily Fish in the morning and placed my order..... Read More

Mrs Rajeshwari J
Employed with Popular Vehicles & Services

I have personally tried Seer Fish from Daily Fish, all I can say is "WOW"!! My dad being in Fishing Industry for the last 25 years and commenting about Daily Fish products to be as good as fresh fish is just Awesome. The way it is vacuum packed, cut, cleaned slices is another speciality which makes this brand stand out from rest of the crowd. Would highly recommend everyone in Kochi city to atleast try it out once.

Mr Mithun Joselin
Mrupee – Manager

This is our third order from Daily Fish. After all day’s work, it 's difficult as well as tiring to go to the market and get the desired fish. Not to mention, its quality and freshness, but Daily Fish solved all our problems. Now we can have the best fish any time based on our choice. Thank you Daily Fish, you made our lives much easier and healthier!!

Mr. Ninan John & Mrs. Prema Itty Eipe
Advocate & Delivery Manager TCS

I bought shrimps from Daily fish on my friend’s recommendation with doubts on my mind whether it would be tasteless and bland, like most of packaged prawns available in the market. But to my surprise Daily Fish has proved me wrong. They were as good as freshly caught prawns, if not better! My prawn masala turned out to be really tasty. Thank you Daily Fish!

Sarath Menon

This was my first order from Daily Fish. Got surprised on seeing the way it was delivered!! Packing was great wrapped in multiple layers. Invoice and the tips on getting best out of the fish delivered was given. Quality of fish was too good and all family members  enjoyed it. Cleanliness is another notable point. There was no need for us to clean the fish received. That much clean it was. Altogether a different positive experience. All the best to Daily Fish Team..

Abhilash C.
IT Head – Tata Teleservices Ltd

I never believed that one day I would order fish online for daily use. This is one of the best initiatives from Baby Marine Team, I wish all the very best to them. The quality and service is great with some great payment options like cash on delivery, credit card etc. I recommend to all my friends so that they can also enjoy the worry free mode of buying fish of our choice.  

Vinod C Chandran

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