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New Retail venture of Baby Marine Eastern Exports

The voyage of your ‘Daily Fish’ from ‘catch’ to ‘kitchen’ has never been so world class. Daily Fish, the online seafood store serves you ready to cook seafood which is ‘As good as Live’ with all the goodness of nutrients stored in it. This is in step with the vision of Baby Marine; promoters of Daily Fish and one of the leading exporters of marine products from India to Europe, US, South America, Japan, South East Asia, Gulf, South Africa and Australia for over four decades.

With world as their market, founding fathers of Baby Marine often wondered why the same international quality seafood should not be available to seafood connoisseurs in India. Well, with the arrival of modern times and online world this vision too has become a reality in the form of Daily Fish, your online retail seafood store.

Daily Fish, the online seafood store offers you ‘As good as Live’ ready to cook products which is at par with what is available in international markets including world’s largest retailers such as Metro Cash & Carry of Germany, Sysco of US, Auchan of France and Carrefour. Moreover, you have a wide variety of choices at all times of the year.

Yes, Daily Fish, the online seafood store is unique and will change the way you buy seafood. Here’s an online store where you can dive in to ‘net the catch’ that is ‘As good as Live.’ We wish you a wonderful fishing experience. Bon appétit.

Widest range : Daily Fish, the online seafood store has a unique selection of Fishes, Shrimps, Crabs, Squids and Cuttle Fish to choose from, which no other seafood store or street vendor offers. So don’t limit your menu to what’s available in the market. Choose what your taste buds are craving for, from our wide range of products.

International quality : The catch you net from Daily Fish, the online seafood store comes from factories that exports seafood across the world, are certified and accredited by international agencies like European Union (EU), Food & Drug Administration (FDA), USA International Food Safety (IFS), France, British Retail Consortium (BRC) (Global Food Safety Standard), UK, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), (A Global management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product), Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), India and various Social Audits.

Hassle free cooking : Ready to cook products from Daily Fish, the online seafood store saves hassle of cleaning, cutting and disposing-off waste.

Saves time : No time consuming trips to markets. Allows you to spend more time for ‘life’ and save money in your ‘wallets’.

Easy to store : The state-of-art packaging at Daily Fish, the online seafood store makes it easy to store and use our products as per your convenience. Buy and as per cook as per your convenience.

Promotions : Daily Fish, the online seafood store has exciting promotions like Fish Coins, Catch of the Day, Referral Programs and more, which helps you net the best offer always.

The price advantage: At Daily Fish you get international quality at local market prices. As compared to local market, we deliver the exact quantity you buy.

Delivery & Payments : Daily Fish, the online seafood store offers you free home delivery at your chosen time with flexible payment options.

Daily Fish Care : Top end customer experience makes buying seafood from Daily Fish an excellent decision.

Franchisee Programmes :Exciting opportunity to be part of Daily Fish, the online seafood store a perfect way to earn additional income. (Refer Virtual Retailer Program at home page bottom).

Total transparency : We at Daily Fish, the online seafood store would be delighted to share our treasure of knowledge and expertise in seafood with you. Do visit Fish FAQs, The Fish Folks and other tabs to know more. After all it is about giving yourself a seafood treat beyond compare.


Banyan tree with roots in deep sea

It is a story of friendships and relationships. It is a story of passion and dedication. It is a story of a humble beginning that created a legend. At a time when fishing industry in India was scattered and chaotic, Baby Marine took a dive into the fishing industry in the later part of 1960s with just a fleet of trawlers and began harvesting seafood products. This brave and enterprising passage by the founders of the Group that began in 1969 is thriving even today!


The initial vision of Baby Marine was to optimize and augment fishing industry across the large coastline of India. In 1977, the Company broadened its horizons into seafood export and slowly expanded its operations from the shores of Kerala to Mumbai, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.


Today, with more than 40 years in seafood exports, Baby Marine Ventures has carved a niche for itself as a global major in the world of seafood industry as an exporter of quality marine products from India to Europe, US, South America, Japan, South East Asia, Middle East, South Africa and Australia.

Baby Marine Ventures is famous for adopting latest technology and employs the best brains. From catch to destination, Baby Marine Ventures follows most stringent quality norms that meet international standards, utilizes most sophisticated logistics & transport and has put in place ethical marketing practices earning for itself loyal customers from the world over.


The team at Daily Fish are savvy professionals. They are obsessed with delivering top-of-the-line seafood experience to you. Here is a preview which will help you know our team better. After all, the people behind a project and their vision makes the ultimate difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’

  • Alex K Thomas


    Alex K Thomas, the mentor and Managing Director of Daily Fish is a professional with business strategy as well as brand building expertise. Alex came onboard Baby Marine Ventures, a family venture in 2011 as its Chief Strategy Officer after a stint of over 15 years as Managing Director (India) of Phillips Foods, the largest crab meat exporter in the world. His international experience and exposure has been a game changer for Baby Marine Ventures which has transited from being a family concern to a professional corporate, scaling new verticals in global seafood industry.

    A multi-faceted personality, Alex is a member of the “Harley Davidson Owners” Group. An aspiring doctor to be, who gave in to a call from his heart to create large professional organizations.


    For his repute as a salesman, Rajesh is known to be the man who can sell ice to Eskimos! Same as the avid biker inside him, Rajesh zoomed into Daily Fish halt after a landmark journey of over eighteen years in frontline sales and marketing. A product of XLRI- Jamshedpur, he brought to Daily Fish an experience of eleven years in Retail Branding, Sales and Marketing, the last being Branded Retail Head at Tata Docomo, Kerala. A Six Sigma Green Belt, Rajesh has worked with few of the leading business houses of the country, the Tata Group, Reliance and HCL. The business expertise of Rajesh, a people’s man, is his knowledge in business operations, retail roll-outs and executional speed of new projects.

    There are three things that clearly characterises Rajesh as a person: A member of Spice Coast HOG Chapter, Kerala, he is an adventurer who often treks or rides his Harley Davidson to lands afar and disappears himself into unknown roads and cultures of different lands. A foodie and a connoisseur of fine dining, his taste buds have already touched with and submitted to the well-known and rarely known tastes across the world, fish of course in top of the list. And when he is not seeking a ringside view of the world, you could mostly see him sitting deep on a couch and sharing hearty laughter in the first show of a newly released movie, irrespective of the thread, director or actors!

    Rajesh S
  • Jayaraj K Nair


    A vital pivot in Daily Fish’s scheme of things, Jayaraj was handpicked to head the all-important retail sales and customer experience functions. With over two decades of experience under his belt, Jayaraj is the perfect point-man in charge of core activities related to franchise management, multi-channel sales, distribution and handling a sophisticated customer experience center at Daily Fish. On career front, Jayaraj has worked closely with chief executives of corporates like Tata Power, Tata Docomo, Ranbaxy and Apollo Tyres in critical projects, including Tata Group’s joint venture with DoCoMo of Japan.

    ‘Wearing the customers’ shoes’ is his mantra of for retail sales, operations and customer experience functions. He always walks that extra mile for the customer delight. Jayaraj is a voracious reader of literature and pens Malayalam poetry.


    Over fifteen years’ experience with hospitality giants like Taj Hotels and Welcom Group. Exposure to retailing operations with the Tata Group has helped him fine tune the operations of Daily Fish. A hands-on role in launching and leading the Kerala operations of international food retail chains like Pizza Hut makes Unni an expert in logistics and operations management. Unni also handles the institutional side of business for Daily Fish which requires exceptional PR skills. This key member of the Daily Fish team is also a walking encyclopedia on books and movies.

  • Subramanian S


    ‘Subru’ as he is affectionately known to his colleagues, Subramanian S, is a team player who is ever ready to stretch that extra mile beyond his calling. Subru joined Daily Fish with over fifteen years exposure with a diverse range of analytics and business intelligence behind him. A level headed professional with in-depth knowledge of market research, he has an uncanny knack for sifting through volumes of data to come up with analysis which facilitates informed decision making. His career span includes high profile stints with Tata Group, MTS and AVT.

    Subru is a connoisseur of all kinds of cinema with a treasure of ‘reel life’ classics in his collection.


    Creating loyal customers and engaging them to become lifelong patrons require above par dedication to service and customer satisfaction. A rare quality for which Kishore, the ever smiling face of Daily Fish is well known for. He brings with him a vast resource of ingenious insight for devising some memorable loyalty programs which helps accelerate business growth. He gained critical insights in customer behavior with over 6 years of experience with Vodafone, Tata DoCoMo and Aircel. An expert in SAS based analytics and campaigns, Kishore has handled large volumes of customer base in his previous telecom assignments. An avid biker and a self-made person, Kishore is amongst youngest of the team.

    Kishore Kumar D
  • Anup Mohan


    Anup Mohan has a solid back ground of 10 years of experience handling business finance, accounts and analytics for corporates like Bharti Airtel, Aircel and Tata Group. His wide canvas of knowledge gained through handling a wide spectrum of finance verticals has made him an authority on forecasting and business analysis in this field.

    Anup is a movie buff who is so serious about cinema that he prefers to watch his favorite films all by himself. He is also a fan of classic Tamil literature.


    Jophi has to his credit over two decades of experience in production, quality control and audit. He has handled Food Safety Audits by USFDA, BRC, Ruby Tuesday and Applebees. A certified trainer and an IRCA certified Food Safety Management Systems Auditor, Jophi underwent training in BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Auditor Course, International Featured Standards, etc. He has exposure to food processing units in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia ,Thailand, Bahrain, Vietnam, Spain and China as a part of on the job training/audits.

    Jophi is a health freak who has a disciplined approach to life.

    Jophi Jose


Daily Fish offers the following business opportunities:

Virtual retailer programme

Be our virtual retailer no matter who you are, a professional, home maker or a retired personnel. All you require is a passion to promote products of Daily Fish among your contacts and earn additional income. Do visit ‘Virtual Retailer’ at the bottom of our home page for details.

Institutional buyers

If you are a restaurant, wholesaler or any other institutional buyer, enjoy the advantages of bulk rates from Daily Fish. Contact us at sales@dailyfish.in for details of institutional sales.


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