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Four year of health and taste


This was never possible without you! We are excited to announce that its our fourth birthday! We express you our deepest gratitude on this occasion. We would love to share our happiness with each one of you! There is whole week of surprises coming up from Daily Fish!


Today's Anniversary Surprise!

Giant Trevally skinless pieces

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The story of DAILY FISH...



The journey of your Daily Fish started on 17 Feb, 2016 from the parent company Baby Marine that has proved themselves in the international market by providing world class seafood products for 52 years.


Daily Fish ensures that it lives up to the tagline of “As good as live” with the promise of NO Chemical, NO Preservatives, Zero wastage and prompt delivery.

Daily Fish India


Daily Fish India

The growth and success of Daily Fish as a brand is only because of the customer retention by providing quality seafood which they deserved since years. Today we have a family of 1.5 Lacs+ customers across two cities in Kerala.


On Aug 4th, 2016 we entered the capital and the largest city of Kerala, Trivandrum. Trivandrum rolled out a red carpet welcome for Daily Fish and today is the favourite seafood option for the people of Trivandrum.

Daily Fish India


Daily Fish India

Through the year Daily Fish also entered the kitchens of all the well-known hotels, restaurants and catering services spreading smiles across Kerala and parts of Karnataka


A team of dedicated individuals from different expertise joined together to make a difference in the society and that’s how Daily Fish came up.

Daily Fish India


Thank you once again for being with us and leading the pack for the next big online seafood industry. Thank you for choosing us and placing your trust in us.