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Dear Daily Fish Patron,

Of late, there is news going around regarding the formalin-laced fish that reach Kerala from other parts of India. In this scenario, where people are suspicious of every fish seller, I felt an urgent need to clarify certain facts about the testing process of fish at Daily Fish to you, our valued customer who has put your trust in us.

Daily Fish, from the very onset of our operations, has been very keen to completely avoid fish contaminated with Formalin or any other chemicals. For this purpose, much before anyone thought about it, we at Daily Fish had introduced Formaldehyde Test kits since 2016, imported from the United States, for ensuring the quality of the fish we are delivering. Daily Fish is, in fact, the first in India to start using Formaldehyde Test Kits.


India's first "Formaldehyde instant test kit" import from USA by Dailyfish

Dailyfish test Result

Dailyfish test Result


We fully Support ‘Operation Sagar Rani’

Daily Fish has always stood for ensuring and delivering chemical-free, good fish. We are in full support of the Food Safety department and their ‘Operation Sagar Rani’, which we hold as an excellent initiative by the Government of Kerala, to ensure Food Safety in Fish. We whole-heartedly support this initiative for 2 reasons:

  1. To accomplish our goal by providing Healthy Fish by eradicating any kind of added chemicals
  2. To protect the hundreds of thousands of Fishermen who earnestly risk their lives for a living and who are firmly against addition of any kind of Chemicals.

We ‘Double’ check to ensure chemical-free fish

Daily Fish has always been very keen to ensure that our fish is free of any trace of added chemicals. Specifically for Formaldehyde, we have a 2 step testing process:

  1. Upon receipt of any kind of Fresh fish, we use the Formaldehyde instant test kit* to see any trace of this poisonous Chemical
  2. In addition to the use of Formaldehyde Test Kits, we also send the non detected samples for confirmatory testing to internationally accredited labs that DOUBLY ensure the fish is free from any form of Formalin

Daily Fish is tested in External and internationally accredited labs

Though we have in-house labs at Daily Fish, we have always used external and internationally accredited labs for conducting chemical tests. External labs are more trustworthy to the general public than in-house labs when it comes to such sensitive cases.

Here is a summary of the Formalin Test results done in Internationally Accredited labs since the Year 2016


Sl.NoTest DateFish SpeciesTest ParameterLaboratoryReport No:ResultPass/Fail
127.10.16Trevally FishFormaldehydeCIFT Cochin0162Not DetectedPASS
21.11.16W.SnapperFormaldehydeCIFT Cochin0163Not DetectedPASS
324.11.16Sail fishFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 130993/2016Not DetectedPASS
424.11.16Sword fishFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 130995/2016Not DetectedPASS
526.11.16Basa filletFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 131019/2016Not DetectedPASS
614.12.16AmberjackFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 132382/2016Not DetectedPASS
726.12.16AmberjackFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 133301/2017Not DetectedPASS



Sl.NoTest DateFish SpeciesTest ParameterLaboratoryReport No.ResultPass/Fail
15.4.17F.SARDINE CLEANED SMALLFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 136850/2017Not DetectedPASS
25.4.17F.MACKEREL CLEANED MEDIUMFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 136849/2017Not DetectedPASS
324.5.17F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 137651/2017Not DetectedPASS
426.5.17F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 137652/2017Not DetectedPASS
513.6.17F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 137872/2017Not DetectedPASS
613.6.17F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 137871/2017Not DetectedPASS
713.6.17F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 137871/2017Not DetectedPASS
812.7.17F.SEERFISH 7/UP KGFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138318/2017Not DetectedPASS
912.7.17F.MAHI MAHI FILLETFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138319/2017Not DetectedPASS
1012.7.17F.BLACK POMFRET WHOLEFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138320/2017Not DetectedPASS
1112.7.17F.GROUPERFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138321/2017Not DetectedPASS
1212.7.17F.EMPEROR WHOLEFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138322/2017Not DetectedPASS
1312.7.17F.SEERFISH 2/3 KGFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138317/2017Not DetectedPASS
1426.7.17F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138741/2017Not DetectedPASS
151.8.17F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138764/2017Not DetectedPASS
161.8.17F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138762/2017Not DetectedPASS
171.8.17F.BASA FILLET WELLTRIMMEDFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138767/2017Not DetectedPASS
181.8.17F.BASA FILLET SEMITRIMMEDFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138768/2017Not DetectedPASS
191.8.17F.MAHI MAHI PIECESFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 138771/2017Not DetectedPASS
2023.8.17F.STINGRAY PIECESFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO139032/2017Not DetectedPASS
2113.9.17F.SHRIMP SCADFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 139360/2017Not DetectedPASS
224.10.17F.SEERFISH PIECESFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 139823/2017Not DetectedPASS
234.10.17F.SEERFISH PIECESFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 139821/2017Not DetectedPASS
2412.10.17INDIAN OYSTERFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 139973/2017Not DetectedPASS
2514.10.17MARINE MILKFISH PIECESFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 139976/2017Not DetectedPASS
2621.10.17F.WAHOO PIECESFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 140129/2017Not DetectedPASS
2726.10.17F.CATLA PIECESFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 140227/2017 Not DetectedPASS
2826.10.17F.ROHU FISH PIECES FormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 140225/2017 &
 KO 140226/2017
Not DetectedPASS
2930.10.17F.SEERFISH PIECES FormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 140274/2017 &
 KO 140275/2017
Not DetectedPASS
3030.10.17F.WHITE POMFRET FormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 140276/2017 &
 KO 140277/2017
Not DetectedPASS
3111.11.17F.GIANT TREVALLYFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 140502/2017Not DetectedPASS



Sl.NoTest DateFish SpeciesTest ParameterLaboratoryReport No.ResultPass/Fail
16.1.18F.SEERFISH STEAKSFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 141336/2018Not DetectedPASS
216.1.18F.MAHI MAHI PIECESFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 141481/2018Not DetectedPASS
315.1.18F.AMBERJACK PIECESFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 141480/2018Not DetectedPASS
47.02.18F.ALASKA POLLOCKFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 141781/2018Not DetectedPASS
528.2.17F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 142192/2018Not DetectedPASS
620.3.18F.SEERFISH FormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 142641/2018Not DetectedPASS
713.4.18F.SEERFISH FormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 143174/2018Not DetectedPASS
809.05.18Seer fish FormaldehydeTUV Sud BangloreBLR/F'©18/01716Not DetectedPASS
923.5.18F.SEERFISHFormaldehydeInterfield LaboratoriesKO 144754/2018Not DetectedPASS
1025.6.18  Shrimp FormaldehydeInterfield Laboratories KO 145679/2018Not DetectedPASS


Latest test results

Dailyfish test Result

Dailyfish test Result

Dailyfish test Result

Dailyfish test Result


Our Director of Food Safety & Audits is an expert

JOPHI K JOSE, with over two decades of experience in Production, Quality control and Food Safety audits, is our Director of Food Safety & Audits. He has handled Food Safety Audits by USFDA, BRC, IFS, SIPLEC, Ruby Tuesday and Applebees. A certified trainer and an IRCA certified Food Safety Management Systems Auditor/Lead auditor, Jophi underwent training in BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Auditor Course, International Featured Standards, ELISA Techniques for antibiotics, Microbiology tests etc. He has exposure to food processing units in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Bahrain, Vietnam, Spain and China as a part of on the job training/audits.

Trust us! We are with you!

You can confidently continue to trust our good will to bring you the best fish without any added chemicals. This is my word, my promise to you whom I hold in high esteem as our valued customer.

Do trust us as you have always done! We are with you, serving you with the finest fish, in its optimum condition.


Thanking you,
Yours truly,


Alex K. Thomas
Daily Fish