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Know Your Fish



‘Fresh’ fish that we eat today is caught days before from sea. Right after it is bought to shore, fishes are segregated and distributed to different wholesalers, distributors and fish mongers. We then buy it from fish monger or from market. We believe that all these fishes are brought in a good condition, well covered with ice and follows standard hygienic conditions. Impurities, if any, found in fish is only because of pollution in sea. “I believe in my fish monger as he had been supplying me fish for years, and I am sure he delivers me best fish available in market” – we have heard this many times!



Fish is a food with abundant proteins, vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients.

Generally it takes days or weeks for fisherman to reach back shore after catching fish from sea. Right after fish is caught from sea, it starts decaying. Once on shore, fishes are goes through unhealthy conditions and also undergoes temperature abuse till the time it reaches end customer. Most of the time fish is stored in unhygienic ice and even chemicals like formaldehyde are used to preserve appearance. This chain includes wholesalers, agents and fish mongers and usually takes 3-4 days before it reaches customers’ house. Currently there is no check and measures available to find out quality of fish sold in local markets.  Considering that seafood being a staple diet, it is high time for general public to be aware of the importance of consuming healthy and hygienic seafood.



Baby Marine Group supplies seafood to world’s best retail chains like Metro Cash & Carry of Germany, Carrefour, Sysco of USA and Auchan of France. With the launch of Daily Fish brand, Baby Marine will now supply the same international quality seafood products to the customer door steps in India. To ensure quality, we are determined to get seafood caught directly from sea to our factories which is strategically located near to landing stations in the east and west coasts of south India. After careful inspection by our experts, the products are treated individually at -40°c, thereby locking the freshness and flavour of the fish. This process is done using the IQF technology, after which products are packed in vacuum packs and stored at a temperature of about -18°C in a hygiene storage condition till it is delivered at your doorstep. We thus maintain the tastier and healthier contents in your fish.

Daily Fish delivers you 100% genuine product without adding any added chemicals and preservatives. By implementing latest technology and innovations, we promise to provide you fish which is in its best form. Now having healthy and tasty fish is just a click away – register with www.Dailyfish.in right now and enjoy the experience of shopping your favourite fish and its superfast as per your convenience.