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    Yellow Stripe Scad Yellow Stripe Scad

    Yellow Stripe Scad

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    The yellowstripe scad is an important species ...
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    White Sardine White Sardine

    White Sardine
    വേളൂരി | ಬೆಳೀ ಮಿನು

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    The White Sardine is a slender fish and a species of sardine family.
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    Dailfish Yellow Fin Trevally Dailfish Yellow Fin Trevally

    Trevally (Yellow Fin Trevally)

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    Yellow fin trevally also known as Vatta/Vattapara/Manjapara/Para in malayalam.
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    Threadfin Bream Threadfin Bream

    Threadfin Bream
    കിളിമീൻ | ಮುದುಮಗಳ್

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    Threadfin bream commonly known as Kilimeen/Chengava...
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    Dailyfish Squid Dailyfish Squid

    കൂന്തൾ | ಸಮುದ್ರ-ಫೆನಿ

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    Squid is one of the favorite seafood. You can have t...
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    Shrimp scad Shrimp scad

    Shrimp scad
    വറ്റ പാര

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    Shrimp scad :- Commonly known as Vatta Paara and Chemmen Paara in Kerala.
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    Dailyfish Shrimp PDTO Dailyfish Shrimp PDTO

    Shrimp Peeled & Deveined Tail On
    ചെമ്മീൻ | ಸೀಗಡಿ

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    ( 17% OFF)
    It is ideal seafood which can be eaten in any form, be it in a curry, fried or as snacks.
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    Shrimp Peeled & Deveined Shrimp Peeled & Deveined

    Shrimp Peeled & Deveined
    ചെമ്മീൻ | ಸೀಗಡಿ

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    Shrimp is one of the favourite sea foods. It is ideal seafood which can be eaten in any form.
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    Dailyfish Seer Fish Dailyfish Seer Fish

    Seer Fish
    നെയ്മീൻ | ಅಂಜಲ್

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    ( 8% OFF)
    Known for its best taste and health benefits, Seerfish proves to be one of the favourite seafood.
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    dailyfish sardine dailyfish sardine

    മത്തി | ಬೈಗೆ

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    Sardine Well known for its taste, it also has h...
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    Sailfish Sailfish

    ഓലമീൻ | ಮೀನಿನ ಮೀನು

    Regular Price: ₹380.00

    Special Price ₹340.00

    ( 11% OFF)
    These naturally oily fish are common as grilled steaks with marinades or herbs
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    dailyfish rohu dailyfish rohu

    രോഹു | ರೊಹು ಮೀನು

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    The most commonly eaten fish which is rich in vitamin c and equally rich in taste.

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